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ETFs' price actions are the attributes used in the estimating algorithms. I do not use external market events as attributes. Therefore, unforeseen external market events will and may cause incorrect estimates.
Based on confusion matrix analysis, estimates made for the first 2 weeks can be average - slightly better than 50% correct. But as the estimates go further out in time the correct rate for some symbols exceed 90%.

Date Of Report: 2021-10-15

Symbol1 - 5
Days Out
6 - 10
Days Out
11 - 15
Days Out
16 - 20
Days Out
21 - 25
Days Out
25 - 30
Days Out

Results for Report
With Close On 2021-10-15

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Days OutResults
1 - 5 DaysCall Made on 2021-10-08
Buy Correct Average: n/c
Sell Correct Average: n/c
Both Calls Correct Average: n/c
6 - 10 DaysCall Made on 2021-10-01
Buy Correct Average: 100.00%
Sell Correct Average: n/c
Both Calls Correct Average: 100.00%
11 - 15 DaysCall Made on 2021-09-24
Buy Correct Average: .00%
Sell Correct Average: .00%
Both Calls Correct Average: .00%
16 - 20 DaysCall Made on 2021-09-17
Buy Correct Average: 18.75%
Sell Correct Average: 35.00%
Both Calls Correct Average: 27.78%
21 - 25 DaysCall Made on 2021-09-10
Buy Correct Average: 25.00%
Sell Correct Average: .00%
Both Calls Correct Average: 20.00%
26 - 30 DaysCall Made on 2021-09-02
Buy Correct Average: 50.00%
Sell Correct Average: 20.00%
Both Calls Correct Average: 28.57%
Results use the average of the closing price for each of the 5 days in the reporting period against the closing price of the report date.

* - An asterisk in column indicates the results are available to subscribers in the report sent to them and to non-subscribers on the closing date

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