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$SPY 30 Day Estimates Using WAEVE
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McVerry Report

An Overview of Stock, ETF, Commodity & Market Timing Blogs, Web Sites and Other Resources With A Focus On Technical Analysis

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Editor:  Jos. R. McVerry , et al.

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My Buy/Sell Estimates for The Top Performing ETFs
Looking 1 Through 6 Weeks Out
Based on Machine Learning Algorithms.
— as of 2020-05-22

2 Week — Newest Picks
Buy: $amlp $uslv
Sell: $dxd $uvxy $ssg $tza $qid $spxs $spxu
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Sites Used With This Report

★★All Star Charts - 669★★
★★Cycle Trading - 574★★
Dash of Insight - 123
Elliott Wave Forecast - 277
★★Elliott_Trader - 1493★★
Fallond Stock Picks - 374
ForexFore - Internals, Indicators, Algorithmic Trading - 136
Hedge Fund Tips - 311
Hedge Fund Z - 487
Hedgopia - 256
Humble Student of the Markets - 390
Investing Haven - 45
Ivanhoff Capital - 43
Marc To Market - 286
Of Two Minds - 92
★★Permabear Doomster - 850★★
Predicting The Trend for U.S. Energy ETFs - 62
Real Investment Daily - 352
Short Takes - 131
Slope Of Hope - 275
Stoch Trader - 61
Technical Analysis by Petros Steriotis - 200
The Trader Risk - 72
Trending Waves - 116
★★VectorSpike - 889★★

This Month's Top 10 Viewed Site:★★
This Month's Top 25 Viewed Site:

A List Of My Videos Using A.I For Price Trend Analysis

  • General Java and WEKA Enviroment SetUp
  • Java Program Builds ARFF File from a CSV File - and run one classifier
  • Running Several WEKA Classifiers from Explorere GUI
  • For WEKA Regression Classifiers ... 3 Additional Jar Files Needed -
  • Buy/Sell Class Attribute and WEKA Classifiers from Java.
  • Refining The Search For The Best WEKA A.I. Classifiers For Stock Trends
  • Running the WEKA A.I. Classifiers within Java
  • Searching for Optimal MA Interval with WEKA TA-LIB and Java
  • Making a Stock Price Prediction or Estimate with WEKA
  • Stock Price Estimates With Bollinger Bands
  • Predicting Stock Price With MACD and the RandomForest Classifier
  • 4 Different RSI Approaches To Get A Buy Or Sell
  • Using Adjusted High Low & Close For The Technical Analysis Function and Using The Ultimate Oscillator for Regression and Classification.
  • Making A 30 Day Price Trend Estimate Using WAEVE - Weighted Averge Expected Value Estimates.
  • Ensemble of WEKA Estimates To Predict A 30 Day Trend.
  • Ensemble of WAEVE Estimates To Predict A 30 Day Trend.
  • Getting A More Precise Buy/Sell Call.
  • Other Sites I Follow

    ★★1 Option Trading - 586★★
    50 Pips FX - 9
    AC Investor Blog - 119
    ★★All Star Market Timing - 493★★
    AllocateSmartly - 48
    Andrew Thrasher - 60
    Ask Slim - 86
    Bart's Charts
    ★★BluStar Market Timer - 528★★
    Buy - Don't Hold - 7
    Chaikin Analytics - 213
    Channel and Patterns - 186
    Chart Signals - 231
    ChartSmarter - 117
    Cyclical Market Analysis - 90
    Dana Lyons' Tumblr - 45
    Elliott WaveTrader - 462 - 59
    Evil.Speculator - 200
    Fair Value Stocks - 6
    Financial Sense - 55
    Flirting with Models - 7
    Go Point Go Figure - 34
    Jay On The Markets - 181
    Keybot the Quant - 197
    Kimble Charting Solutions Blog - 288
    Market Timing Update - 243
    McClellan Financial Publications - 324
    McVerry Report
    ★★Notes From the Rabbit Hole - 571★★
    Pragmatic Capitalism - 95
    Predicting The Trend for SP100 and SP500 ETFs - 134
    Predicting The Trend in Precious Metals And Miner ETFs - 33
    Pretzel Logic's Market Charts and Analysis - 441
    Quantifiable Edges - 81 - 104
    Red Dragon Leo
    SPX CIT Dates - 346
    Stock Trader's Almanac - 240
    STORMM - 208
    Strawberry Blonde's Market Summary - 61
    Sun and Storm Investing Market Timing Blog - 49
    ★★Technical Traders Ltd. - 938★★
    The Blog of HORAN Capital Advisors - 118
    The Keystone Speculator - 151
    The Speculative Investor - 28
    The Steady Trader - 32
    Timing The Market - 43
    Trade Trekker - 156
    Ulli... The ETF Bully - 173
    Very Smart Investing - 115
    Wishing Wealth Blog - 194

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    My YouTube videos - creating A.I. based Java programs to estimate stock price trends
    My reasons why you should write a blog.
    My blog posting results from QLearning and Monte Carlo-like algorithms
  • Predicting The Trend for SP100 and SP500 ETFs.

  • My blog about an AI-like programs to estimate near term prices for U.S. Energy related ETFs.
  • Predicting The Trend for U.S. Energy ETFs.

  • Yet another blog using AI programs to estimate near term prices for some precious metals and mining related ETFs.
  • Predicting The Trend for Precious Metals And Miners ETFs.

  • My blog making Point And Figure calls.
  • Go Point Go Figure

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